If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you may recall I wrote about an online company called Small Feet not too long. They are, without a doubt one of my favourite places to shop for shoes. As the name suggests, the company stocks small size shoes for ladies with small feet. I wear UK Size 2 and I am always finding it a challenge to find anything in my size. So, today I am writing another blog post about Small Feet; this time it is a review on a particular pair of boots currently available on the site.
All shoes from Small Feet are lovingly named. Taylor B are the small tan boots which I recieved from Jo Lee, the owner of Small Feet. The boots are a light tan; they are made with suede and have a deattachable part, which I can only describe as a small plaited belt. I like to keep the ends of the "belt" tucked in but how you choose it is totally dependant on your personal style.Taylor B are perfect for the days you want to be casual and dress down and yet there are so many outfit combinations you can put together with Taylor B. Another and handy detail about these shoes is that there is a nifty hidden heel of 3cm inside; which is great if you don't want to wear heels but you would like some extra lift. No one will ever be able to tell either :) 
Small Feet specialises in producing fashionable and affordable shoes for smaller sizes and it has been an absolute God send to me. So if you find it a struggle to find stylish shoes that's fit for an adult, do giveSmall Feet a visit; you won't be disappointed. And if you have a friend who has small feet, feel free to share this blog post with her. She will love you forever; I can almost guarantee it.