Small Feet Shoes How It Started

Posted by admin 01/01/2017 4 Comment(s)

Looking back all i ever wanted was a pair of high heels not just for christmas but for work, casual, that party friday night, for my birthday and in fact just about every occasion you could possible think of. Throughout my teenage years i always remeber being the "little one" at high school with the kid's shoes.  Buying a pair of heels was never going to be possible as these were seriously off limits for my tiny small feet.


Shopping with friends became un enjoyable as shoe shopping was off limits and finding clothes to fit my petite frame was just as hard.  My girlfriend's always used to say well at least you get cheap trainers, however all i ever wanted was some high heeled shoes shoes that i didn't have to try and stuff with newspaper to fit me!


As i hit adulthood I didn’t really grow up to be very tall and my shoe size remained at a very cute size 1.  Shoe shopping was extremely difficult as the shops that did cater for my small feet also charged a small fortune for them.  The dream of bringing ladies with Small Feet affordable shoes became our mission and started from here....


After a few years of researching and contacting almost every shoe maunfacture possible it became apparent that small size shoes without the kids style was pretty much non exisitent.  However we finally struck gold with a selection of manufacturers who was willing to help us in our effort to bring fashionable and affordable small size shoes to women across the world!


And this ladies is how Small Feet Shoes was created :)



4 Comment(s)

Lizzie Tovey:
02/07/2016, 10:13:19 AM

Well all I can say is thank goodness you started your business! Like you I have tiny feet, I'm in-between a 1 and a 2 and it's really frustrating as there are so many lovely shoes out there, but they are always too big. I absolutely refuse to pay the money that some on-line retailers try to charge for tiny shoes and have also had lot's of experiences where suppliers say their shoes are a 2 when actually they are a 35 (which are a 3) and way too big.So thank you. I ordered my first pair yesterday and am really confident they will fit as I was actually able to order the exact size. Not only are your shoes fashionable, but they are also affordable and I won't shop anywhere else now.

08/01/2018, 02:27:34 PM

You don't know how excited and relieved I was to come across you and your shoes (in fact, you probably do!!). I have felt your pain too. I am also a size 1 and have had many shoes stuffed with cotton wool just so that they looked like they fitted me!! There was one high street shop a few years ago who did small shoes, but they closed up shop and that left me with one option, children shoes or paying a small fortune for a pair of shoes! It's funny, but one thing I never to now is to walk into a shoe shop and browse the beautiful shoes and boots, unless I'm shopping for the children! Finding your gem of a website, and now your shop (congratulations again!!), was a VERY exciting day for me! I used to live in flipflops in the summer, and boots in the Winter. Before finding you I have two pairs of going out/work/occasion shoes as I couldn't replace them!! Now I have a few more styles, with grown up heels, that I love! Thank you for building your business. I wish you years of success and happiness to come xx

23/04/2018, 06:55:11 PM

Thank you for your help today, wow I was spoilt for choice!!! My husband was very impressed I only came away with one pair (and one ordered!!) There will definitely be more.

09/01/2020, 12:18:20 PM

Thank you for considering us with petite feet. I live in South Africa it is impossible to find high heeled shoes. On that note I have a wedding coming up in October 2020. I am looking for a platformed block heel sandal. It has to be elegant looking to wear with a dress. The color either rose gold, silver or gold. Can you suggest a shoe that you do make or could make. It has to be high as I am very short I would like to be elevated.

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